If you register for one of my classes, you are signing up for a semester-long practicum in “how to think like a geographer.”  Regardless of the subject matter or class level, you will be challenged to (1) develop an ability to see meaning in the arrangement of things in space, and (2) better understand the human-environment interactions that underlie almost everything we see and do.

I am particularly excited to take the lead on the new GES course “World of Beer” (GEOG180) in Fall 2017. This class provides students with a great opportunity to learn more about how geographers think, while simultaneously learning a lot about a favorite drink!

Recent and upcoming courses:

  • GEOG 140: World Regional Geography (Fall 2016)
  • GEOG 180: World of Beer (Fall 2017, NEW COURSE!)
  • GEOG 502: Approaches to Geographic Research (Spring 2018)

Previous courses, with most recent syllabi:
See the UNM catalog for course descriptions.  See the course schedule for times and locations.

Independent study courses (graduate & undergrad), with syllabi :
Contact me directly for information about doing an independent readings or research course in Geography.